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How do I declare a medical condition for a travel insurance quote?
How do I declare a medical condition for a travel insurance quote?
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We can help you compare prices for travel insurance with a pre-existing medical condition. We work with many trusted UK providers to help you find a great deal on your travel insurance.

A pre-existing medical condition is usually defined as an illness you already have before or when you buy travel insurance.

It is important to be as honest as you possibly can. If there are inconsistencies with the information you give, you may find that your policy won’t be valid; or any claims you make could get rejected. This means that should you need any medical attention while you are on holiday, you will have to pay the fees yourself.

To declare a medical condition, fill out the questions on the travel insurance with a pre-existing condition page. You’ll need to give a few basic details about yourself, your trip, and the amount of cover you’re looking for. Before seeing the results, you will be asked questions about your health so you can disclose any medical conditions you have. All quotes you receive will include any extra premium required to cover your medical condition.

I can’t find my medical condition

If you’re having trouble finding your medical condition on the site, firstly check the spelling as it’s an easy mistake to make. Remember, we need to know the condition you have been diagnosed with, rather than the symptoms or the treatment. If unsure, please speak to your GP to clarify.

I take medication for my condition; do I still need to declare?

Yes, you must declare all conditions. If you are unsure, please contact the insurer before buying a policy., You can find the contact details on the insurer’s website.

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